About Us

Chang Li                             Mark M. Chen


Co-founders of Peerloop


Mark and Chang met in the UBC Sauder MBA program, Class of 2017. They have worked together on a number of projects and competitions together and share the same passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The idea for PeerLoop came from the use of peer feedback as a driver of personal development and a tool for improving team dynamics throughout the many team projects in the MBA Program, as well as the realization that as we become managers and leaders, it is important for us to know how to give our peers and employees useful and actionable feedback.


“The importance of exchanging feedback really resonated with me in the MBA program because I grew up playing sports, and I am very used to my coaches telling me exactly what I need to do to improve and to win.  The feedback wasn’t always easy to hear, but knowing where your strengths and gaps are can often lead to real growth.” – Mark


"Knowing how to give useful and actionable feedback is such an important quality for all leaders.  Negative feedback is often more difficult to share.  It takes practice to be comfortable with it, and to know how to communicate it without sounding judgmental.” – Chang


We made PeerLoop to help future leaders get the feedback you need to excel in everything you do, and to practice the feedback skills you need to help everyone around you.  We would be grateful to hear from you whether this tool is helpful to you in your path to success.  or contact us at